As a responsible operator CES Quarry Products Ltd takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and as such the company is certified for the Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004. To ensure compliance the Environmental Management System is externally audited twice a year by as UKAS accredited auditing company. The continual auditing process ensures that CES complies with all relevant environmental legislation and minimizes its environmental impact.

On both our Moneyreagh and Saintfield sites the company has in place robust measures to ensure compliance. These measures include:

  • Wheel wash on the site exits to eliminate carry over onto roads.
  • Dust suppression with water sprays
  • Wash out water recycled and used in production
  • Waste material recycled into products
  • Emergency spillage procedures in place
  • A dedicated environmental officer to monitor compliance with environmental legislation
  • Landscape management plans
  • Extensive native tree planting on site boundaries
  • Staff training on environmental management


To conserve raw materials the maximum amount of locally sourced, recycled and secondary aggregates possible are incorporated into CES products. The cement binder is CEM 11, with fly ash added to reduce gas emissions during production.


At our primary quarry site at Doran’s Rock, Saintfield an ongoing environmental and wildlife program is pursued. The land surrounding the quarry is maintained and enhanced to provide a visual screen and enhance biodiversity.

Four thousand broad leaf native trees have been planted with additional land in rough pasture and stubble providing a valuable habitat for protected species. The field margins have a mixture of wildflower species including Foxgloves. Noted wildlife includes rabbits, hares, woodpigeon and various songbirds, including Goldfinch and Blue Tit. Bird nesting boxes have also been attached to numerous trees. A program of maintenance has been established and a nature trial through the trees is under construction. CES Quarry Products Ltd is an Ulster Wildlife funder.