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RockinNature™ Donegal Gold 20mm

RockinNature™ Donegal Gold 20mm

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From light creams and oranges when dry to vibrant yellows and golds when wet.
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From light creams and oranges when dry to vibrant yellows and golds when wet.

Suitable for driveways.

Bulk bag, approx. 850kg


This is a quarried natural product with all the implications that may include in variations in colour, shape, gradation and size.  It is not free from dust & requires washing after it is laid.  Some pictures provided on the website are of wet stone; there may be a variation in appearance in stones when wet or dry. 

As with all natural stone it can break down and some chipping can occur due to time, wear and exposure to the elements.  To keep the stoned/gravelled area in good condition it is recommended for a Buyer to top up the stone from time to time.  As this is a natural stone, some dirt is to be expected amongst the stone, which can be remedied by washing with water.

Some RockinNature™ products are not suitable for driveways or other trafficked areas.Please refer to our website below for confirmation. RockinNature™ is not recommended for use either in indoor or outdoor aquariums.

The size of decorative aggregates should be considered where young children are present. Smaller sizes are not suitable for children under 36 months as this product may cause a choking hazard.


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