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CES Bituminous Surfacing Products



In the production of our coated materials we use our in-house quality high PSV grit-stone within all the mixes to ensure consistency of the finished product to our customers. Our on site lab carry out regular tests of all materials with external independent testing by Construction Testing Services Ltd (CTS) at Antrim to maintain quality standards.

Range of Products

Range of Materials

Popular mixes as currently being specified by local authorities:


BS EN 13108-1 Asphaltic Concrete (Bitmacs)

• AC32mm Dense Base

• AC 20mm Base/Binder

• AC 14 mm Close Surf Wearing Course

• AC 10mm Close Surf Wearing Course

• AC 6mm Close Surf Wearing Course


BS EN 13108-4 Hot Rolled Asphalts

• HRA 40/14F Surf

• HRA 35/14F Surf

• HRA 30/14 or 10F Surf

• HRA 15/10F Surf


BS EN 13108-5 Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA)

• SMA 6 mm

• SMA 10 mm

• SMA 14 mm


We also produce specifically designed surfacing materials for use in the domestic market. 



• 20mm Precoated Black Chips

• 14mm Precoated Black Chips

• 20mm Precoated Red Chips

• 14mm Precoated Red Chips

• 10mm Precoated Red Chips

• 10mm Grey Granite

Available in 20kg handypacks or bulk bags.